Discover more Welcome to AvonStructures Company (k) Ltd a leading civil & structural
engineering company in kenya
At Avon Structures we use a combination of technological and scientific
knowledge base to provide high quality services to our clients
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Avonstructures Co. (K) Limited came through the amalgamation of different ideological solutions to problems that marred the engineering and construction industry. With combination of technological and scientific knowledge base, we got started & incorporated in the year 2015 to provide high quality services to our clients across Kenya, Eastern and Central African region with future expansion plans to international market.

Our Projects

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Avonstructures Co. (K) Ltd seeks to be the most diverse, profitable and trusted steel building and structures business in our operational markets within and outside in the near future with a targeted market share greater than 20%. Avonstructures vision is to be one of the top five regional building structures company within the next decade, across market segments.

Avonstructures Co. (K) Ltd mission is to become the epicenter of choice for all decision makers and developers in the Building Construction Industry market segment

We, Avonstructures Co. (K) Ltd , “we think, dream, see and eat STRUCTURES -The Structures Master”.

Our Facilities

We are servicing clients in the whole of Africa

We are Located along Community road in Mlolong0, 400 metres from the Gateway Mall

We serve Corporates, Organisations as well as Individuals looking for the engineering Services we Offer.

We Offer the Following Services:

  1. Civil Engineering works
  2. Structural steelworks
  3. Renovation works
  4. Roofing Works
  5. Tanks & Towers
  6. Multi-storey Steel Buildings Solutions
  7. Installation /Lifting works
  8. Consultancy Works

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Telephone No. +254786259018

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